ERASMUS+ mobility programme

ERASMUS+ programme is student mobility programme, which provides studies at Universities of other EU countries during the period from 3 months to one year.

In this programme Turiba University offers opportunities of studies in 65 partner universities depending on the study programme. You can choose from partner universities in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Croatia, Estonia, Ireland and other countries.

Students who have not yet participated in ERASMUS programme or have participated in ERASMUS mobility programme, but the total participation period does not exceed 12 months (including the period, in which student plans to go) and who have completed at least one year at Turiba University.

In selection of candidates first and foremost learning achievements and foreign language skills, as well as motivation of students have been evaluated.

For further details please contact Imants Bergs, the Vice Rector for study development and International Cooperation, Room C201, Tel. +371 67625371 E-mail: